Mark Plowman

Mark H Plowman


I am Mark H. Plowman. A stylist here at A11

I've been creating looks for almost 8 years now. In that time I've discovered my love for blonde hair, session styling, and making you feel great. Educationing you is a huge priority for me. I want to build trust with you. Taking time to learn and understand your hair is the most important. I can't create your hair dreams without knowing your hair first. I am honest about the process. I will be the first to tell you the truth and help you see the why and discover a new path to get the look you want. I live for creativity and trying new. I never want you to get bored. I will keep you interested and looking good. From day 1 to day 111 it will always be filled with energy, empathy, and all the feel goods. You deserve someone who cares about your hair. I want you to love your hair! Let's create a look that turns heads for all the right reasons.