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Anagen11 Hair Services

Our hairstyle, color, and makeup services are done professionally in our salon located in Appleton, WI. We are committed to the continued health and integrity of one's skin and hair. Anagen 11 performs services that utilize modern and trend driven techniques for hair color, hair cutting, and skincare . 

Our primary focus is to keep your hair's integrity at its best. As artists we take this very seriously. We communicate any and all steps we see necessary to provide everyone of our clients with their best look. 

We put consideration and attention into our work in order to build a relationship with you. Hair and relationships take time to grow and for this reason we view your hair as an investment. We promise to invest as much in you as you do in us. 

Pricing Based Upon


+ Density & Length
+ Time Requested by Anagen11 Artist Per Service
+ Experience Level of Anagen11 Artist


WOmen's  Hair  Services

Our refined and constantly evolving menu of the things we feel are essential for enjoying your relationship with your hair. 


A proper haircut is about the shape you create,
versus how much hair you simply cut off. 


Thick/Coarse Haircut
We add extra time for your extra hair.

Our customized hair styling lesson. Tailored to what you are seeking to learn, let's make your hair your best accessory.


Customized and creative,
we tailor each color service to you.

Color Retouch (1 color)
A bespoke match for your base color. 

Color Retouch and Refresh
A complete color treatment service for every strand on your head.

Dimensional color service highlighting or contouring to best suite you.


Anagen 11 is committed to the integrity, condition and overall health of your hair.

Keratin Straightening
A conditioning and moisturizing smoothing treatment that reduces frizz, lessens the hair's risk of breakage and overall improves the manageability of your hair.
(This service is NOT a chemical relaxing/straightening service)

Permanent Beach Wave
Tousled, textured and unique, we offer a modern approach to this classic service. 

Bond Connecting Treatment
Our most popular and best performing treatment for hair that is chemically or mechanically distressed

Crystal Gel Treatment
A "reset for your hair"
Our best service for hair that is distressed
from environmental causes
(minerals- chlorine)

***all prices are starting prices***


Consultations are not just recommended but required for these services

New Color Clients, Extensions, Corrective Color, Keratin Services, Permanent Beach Wave services


Balayage - Anagen Trend Color Service

Full Balayage

Partial Balayage


Brighten your look with balayage – the subtle sweeping of hair color. Anagen artists selectively create dimension through color, giving you a customized look that is soft and natural. The Balayage technique is applied with artistic placement to complement your natural hair growth patterns. Customization allows for a more natural regrowth, extending the time between color services. Finish it off with a glossing service and treatment to add shine and manageability to your hair!


men's hair services

We all enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. Don't let your style suffer because of a bad haircut.


Men's Haircut


Beard Trim

Nose Wax
Possibly the service that is most underutilized by the modern man.

Brow Wax
Eyebrow shaping and hair removal


Men's Specialist Haircut
Anagen 11 branded specialized haircuts featuring on trend men's hairstyle. We charge more for these haircuts simply because
they require more education, tools and time. 


Treatment $10+, Color $43+, Highlight $71+


Our policy is a 24-Hour notice for appointment changes or cancellations.
We respect your time, and in turn expect respect of ours.