Christopher Cody Hartl

Christopher cody Hartl

I started working behind the chair & freelance in 2008. Collaborating on a variety of personal/professional/commercial projects. Constant education has taught me that anything is possible to enhance your life. I am what I would call myself an overly socially active nerd type personality with calculated creative tendencies. As of late 2019 I have stepped away from behind the chair working with clients after 11 years! I am more than thankful for the many opportunities, learning lessons and relationships that I have experienced throughout my years behind the chair with clients. My primary focus is to continue to build our team and evolve our brand and keep ANAGEN as it means to grow, “growing” With that being said, I look forward meeting you. Whoever you may be/are!!


The who, why, when, how and what behind Anagen Eleven.
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