Why PCA at Anagen11

 We decided as a whole to bring in PCA. It almost rolled off our tongues at the same time when discussing what would work best in our salon. PCA is one of the fastest growing skincare brands in the industry. We knew we wanted a brand that could offer a variety of services but that was also result producing. 

 PCA and Anagen have a combined vision of changing people’s lives. For us to deliver, we have to understand our customers and their end goal. Our philosophy starts with the fact that healthy skin is beautiful skin. Preparing and treating the skin is crucial for results. We know that everyone’s skin is unique and requires customization. Our brand is result driven and is the key to getting our clients to love their skin. I wanted to bring more results to the table than just relaxation. Though I do believe relaxation is a beautiful thing, I wanted my clients to be heard on a deeper level. If you’re looking to get rid of pigmentation caused hormonally or environmentally, I wanted a brand that would assist in getting you there. Or even something as minor as mild acne around the nose, I wanted a brand that helped us achieve those results quicker and healthier. 

PCA pairs excellently with Anagen 11 because of the combined vision to help our clients achieve beautiful skin.  


Myths about Toners

 You can use your toner as a cleanser. 

 False. Your toner is designed to use on your skin immediately after cleansing. Toning helps balance excess oil and balance moisture. 

 Toners are only for people with oily skin. True and false. It depends on the brand and type of toner you’re using. PCA’s nutrient toner is great for all skin types. The pumpkin wine ingredients act as a natural exfoliant and helps balance oil and well sooth the skin for extra moisture. The vitamins in the nutrient toner helps refine pores, remove superficial dead skin cells and provide nutrients. 

 Myths about Exfoliants

 If I have oily skin, I should exfoliate every day. 

False. Exfoliating every day could cause your skin to produce more oil. Exfoliating once or twice a week will help keep your skin balanced. 

Exfoliants can only be used on the face. 

False. Exfoliators can be used anywhere on the body! PCA’s gentle exfoliant is great for face, neck and décolleté as well as elbows, knees, feet and back. The light and creamy cleansing scrub contains smooth beads to exfoliate and polish skin. The Gentle Exfoliant removes cellular buildup, revealing healthy, younger-looking skin and is great for all skin types! 

Fun fact! Exfoliators are also excellent after waxing or shaving to prevent rashes and in-grown hairs. 

*If the exfoliant is specified for body use, keep that product for exfoliating your body.